Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

“Mitsubishi Heavy Industries” air conditioners have an advanced self-diagnosis system.

"Mitsubishi Heavy Industries" air conditioners have an advanced self-diagnosis system. In the event of any malfunction, the control system suspends the operation of the device and informs on the malfunction.

Information on malfunction in these air conditioners is transmitted by flashing internal LEDs (IVD) in a certain sequence. If more than one malfunction is detected in the air conditioner, the device will report first about the priority error, and then about the remaining errors.

During the diagnosis, it is necessary to ensure that malfunction is not repeated.

For proper diagnosis, many years of experience are also required. Because one malfunction can lead to a number of others.

The technical staff of "SFV Group" CJSC provides services for "Mitsubishi Heavy Industries" air conditioners.

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