AHU ventilation system
AHU ventilation system

Nowadays, ventilation systems are necessary equipment for use in various types of buildings. Supply and exhaust ventilation systems are professional equipment that is often necessary to maintain a favorable microclimate in buildings with airtight windows.

The supply and exhaust system is installed in the way to provide internal and external air flow. The use of a supply and exhaust system in buildings allows adjusting the level of air humidity. The installation of supply and exhaust ventilation systems and powerful central air conditioners in large buildings (hotels, central offices, etc.) is more relevant. The supply and exhaust ventilation system heats the air using a heater (water or electric) or using a device called recuperation installed inside the supply and exhaust ventilation system. When using the supply and exhaust ventilation system, which works on the principle of recuperation, the temperature rises due to the heat of the exhaust air flow.

A supply ventilation system is required to supply fresh air to the building. Thus, the air is heated and cleaned of dust with the help of recuperation or calorifer. The advantage of the system is the possibility of better air purification, as well as adjusting the temperature and humidity.

An exhaust ventilation system is required to remove contaminated or heat treated air from the building. In addition to the air supply system in buildings, it is important to consider the exhaust device as well. Their performance must be balanced.


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